Pubblicità & Marketing
in Germania

The German publishing agency Rausch – RPR ITALY has a long history of over half a century, which began with the founding of the tourism consulting company by Mr. Erich Rausch, father of the current managing director, who founded it in 1971 after becoming self-employed . Mr. Rausch came from a renowned advertising agency in Milan, where he worked as a specialized sales consultant for the German market, and moved his headquarters to Lake Garda. Since then, known in the world of Italian advertising agencies as “the RAUSCH agency”, RPR ITALY (derived from the abbreviation Rausch Public Relations) has concentrated its specialist and advertising consulting activities on the German-speaking market. In 1984, his son Riccardo, who had already been part-time for several years, took over worked in the company, the management of the company, continuing his father's business principles and integrating them over time with his own ideas and professional IT knowledge.

The German agency Rausch was the only official agency in Italy, registered with the BDV (Professional Association of Media Representatives e.V. – Frankfurt) under the leadership of Mr. Riccardo Rausch. At its peak, the company had a management team of three partners, several employees and external collaborators, several area representatives and a portfolio of hundreds of clients in both the commercial and tourism sectors. In the 1970s, Erich Rausch also opened an office in Munich, which maintained contacts with the various German titles and media for which he was responsible for Italy.

The publishing representative Rausch was commissioned by the German publishers to provide several customer support services: primarily linguistic, technical and strategic support. Among the various tasks undertaken, the coordination and collaboration with the various German editorial teams in defining the Italian editorial plan was highlighted. RPR Italy collected and sent topic suggestions to the various publishers and also provided on-site logistical and technical support to the journalists. The Rausch agency was one of the first in Italy to organize press and educational trips for German publishers together with numerous tourist towns and to supervise the Italian trade fairs, in which it took part with its own stand, with the presentation of the titles it represented.